4 Reasons to Hire Birth Photographer
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March 2016 Guest Post by Julianne Thomas


4 Reasons to Hire a Birth Photographer

Before I even dive into this topic, let me just give the disclaimer that prior to having children, I was not a very emotional person. I never cried in movies, never cried when I had to say goodbye, and honestly, I didn’t even cry when I got married. I thought something was wrong with me, but I think it just takes me a bit longer to process huge life events. Therefore, when I delivered my son, I did not cry. I was in complete shock. I barely remember what it was like to even see him for the first time, but that is why I am thankful I allowed a birth photographer in the room with me.

I can recall the moment that Aaren, a friend and photographer, suggested she photograph the birth of my firstborn. We were doing a maternity shoot when she brought it up. It was honestly the last thing I would have even considered doing. I’m not a very public person when it comes to intimate moments. Plus, who wants a bunch of photos of them swollen and screaming while a human makes their way out of … you know. I honestly thought she was insane. However, my husband misconstrued my sarcasm as pure excitement and on April 15th, she walked into the delivery room with her camera. Despite all my previous fears and anxiety, I have now decided to go through it all again in a few months when my daughter decides to make her big arrival.

Before you call me crazy, these are just a few reasons why I HIGHLY recommend having a photographer capture your childbirth experience.


You see yourself experiencing childbirth from an outsider’s perspective

I didn’t think I would want to see what I looked like in pain. Plus, I was pretty chubby [and swollen] by 41 weeks that I didn’t really want to remember looking like that. Then I saw the photos. Oddly enough, I thought they were beautiful. It’s hard to explain, but in simple terms, these photos captured a miracle. From my painful expressions to the way my hands gripped the bed rails, I was going through it all because of how much I loved the person I had grown for the past 41 weeks. I did not fully grasp how strong the human body was until I saw the photos.   Despite the pain and agony I felt during the process of finally getting to meet my sweet boy, there were moments of peace. Although, in my mind, I looked like a crazy beast thrashing back and forth on the hospital bed, through the lens of the camera, I was able to see it was the most selfless, beautiful thing I have ever done.

PhillyBabyBump1 PhillyBabyBump2

Photo credit: Aaren Lee Photography


Your partner is 100% present

Having a baby is a huge deal. You want to make sure you capture the moment so you forever have that moment frozen in time. However, putting that responsibility on a loved one, especially your partner, takes away from their involvement in the delivery. If they have to record video and take photos, they may not get to really enjoy the moment when they first meet their child. Because we had a photographer in the room, my husband never took out his phone during the delivery. He was with me every step of the way even if I yelled at him for not talking in the right tone or holding my leg as perfectly as the nurse. Woops!  He had the opportunity to see through his own eyes (not an iPhone screen or a camera lens) the birth of his child, which was such a special moment for him.

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Photo credit: Aaren Lee Photography


You get to see your partner’s reaction

Like mentioned above, you want your partner to be present. But, you may be a bit distracted by the whole “delivering a human being out of your body” that you miss the moment you and your partner first meet your baby. Personally, once I started getting into the real painful moments of labor, I didn’t care who was in the room or what they were doing; I just wanted to get the baby out! I didn’t really have a ton of time to think about my husband or take a mental picture of how he was coping with the delivery process. When I did finally deliver our son, I was so exhausted and overwhelmed; I don’t remember much after him being put on my chest. Plus, the first thing my son did was pee on me, so there was a lot happening at once! Thankfully, both of those moments were captured. The photo of my husband seeing his son for the first time happens to be one of my all time favorite pictures. Seriously, having a photo of him falling in love with his son is more than enough to convince me to hire a birth photographer again!


Photo credit: Aaren Lee Photography


You have moments captured that can never be reproduced or duplicated

I never thought I’d value these photos as much as I do. I recently scrolled through them for the first time in almost two years and I cried. Yes. The woman who sometimes seems emotionless actually cried! (I blame pregnancy hormones!) Having such an intimate, personal, miracle captured is indescribable. You are being given a memory of one of the most vulnerable times of your life. The pain, the stress, and the rollercoaster of emotions are all captured for you to some day share with your child. It’s not just about photographing a newborn baby, but it’s about capturing the raw moment when a person chooses to put their life before another. That is something that can never be reproduced or duplicated.

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Photo credit: Aaren Lee Photography


So, call your OB or midwife and make sure a photographer is allowed in the delivery room then go book yourself a birth photographer!


About Philly Baby Bump Guest Contributor Julianne Thomas

julianne-t-philly-baby-bump-thrivingBio: Julianne was hired as a professional stay at home mom on April 15, 2014. She is a Philly native, but now resides in the suburbs with her husband and two children.

She considers a successful day one where she gets to brush her teeth and take a shower. Her life has been turned upside down since her son’s arrival, but [most days] she wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!

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