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What do you do when your new baby refuses a bottle and you don’t want to spend money on another expensive starter set? The Bottle Bundle is one solution from Abby and Hallie, the Philadelphia-based co-founders of the Baby’s Choice brand.


The Bottle Bundle lets your little one try out some of the most popular bottles on the market. With 4 unique bottles and nipples of varying shapes and sizes, your baby is bound to find one that works.



Eco Bottle Bundle features the same 4 bottles as our original Bottle Bundle but instead comes in a durable, reusable bag (the perfect size for carting around your pump parts)!


eco bundle

A Common Yet Unspoken Problem…


Abby and Hallie were both surprised and discouraged when their babies rejected the bottles that had been bought for them.

“After spending unnecessary time and money hunting down multiple bottles and nipples to test out, we finally found the option that our babies preferred.”

I personally know of at least 5 mothers that have had difficulty finding and trying out different baby bottles. Unfortunately, all but one waited until AFTER the experience to share their story. With this in mind, Abby and Hallie conducted focus groups with moms to help inform their decision process.

“Based on our gatherings, we determined that these 4 bottles were the most popular among breastfeeding mothers across the country. They also tend to be the first 4 that you try out when searching for a bottle your newborn will accept.”

Lana K. a Bottle Bundle customer said, “In order to prepare for the arrival of my little one, I read whatever I could to ‘get ready’ for the parenting road ahead. But I found that it’s really hard to plan for the type of bottle your future baby will latch on to. Once my daughter arrived and we decided to try out a bottle, we were so lucky to have the bottle bundle on hand. She rejected a few of them, but happily latched onto one.

Because of the bottle bundle, we avoided spending money on a big starter set that didn’t work out, and we avoided a lot of unnecessary frustration too!”

Save Money

If you were to order the individual bottles featured in the box at the lowest price point from large online retailers, it would still cost more than our box. Plus, you have to order from multiple places because not one singular retailer (not even Amazon!) sells a 1-pack of each of the 4 brands included in our bundle.



To learn more about the Baby’s Choice Bottle Bundle, visit their website Philly Baby Bump readers will receive a 20% discount on their bundle purchase with promo code:”PhillyBabyBump20“.


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