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Judy Moon and Associates


SNAPSHOT:  A Best of Philly Winner, Judy Moon and Associates specializes in massage therapy services, including prenatal massage for expectant mothers.

“Getting a massage is not just about the massage itself but instead creating a space where our clients feel safe and are able to connect with their physical and emotional challenges.  Expecting moms may be experiencing back pain and anxiety while new mothers are often overwhelmed and feel incapable.  We want the healing process to start as soon as you walk through our doors.”

ACHIEVEMENTS: Best of Philly 2011 Winner for Best Prenatal Massage


PHONE: (267) 671-0861

LOCATION: 604 Washington Square South, Philadelphia, PA 19106. Located in the Washington Square Chiropractic Center in the Hopkinson House on the south side of Washington Square (one block south of Walnut, between 6th & 7th Streets).


  • Prenatal Massage
  • Expectant Parents Package
  • Infant Massage Classes (conducted at Mama’s Wellness Joint)


  • Prenatal Massage: $80 for 60 minutes. Please check the website as prices vary depending on the service

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   Judy Moon and Associates

(left to right: Judy Moon, Gwyn MacDonald, Jennifer Harrison, Mary Ellen Sallemi)


Q. Can you tell us about your prenatal massage therapy?

A.Our prenatal massages are typically 60 minutes but can go up to 90 minutes. Before we begin each session, we ask our clients about their goals and discuss any problem areas.

Once the client is settled in, we focus on those clients’ problem areas, which can range from chronic back pain to leg pain. Pregnant mothers having their second or third child often come in with neck and shoulder pain from lifting up their young children.  It’s amazing how the focus areas on a women’s body can shift from one pregnancy to another.

Prenatal massages are performed on the expectant mother’s sides, instead of her stomach (for obvious reasons).  What makes us unique is that we use special cushions and pillows specifically designed for pregnant women. These cushions allow our clients to feel comfortable and well-supported throughout the massage.

We also encourage friends who are pregnant to come in together and share the experience of getting a pre-natal massage.  We have the ability to book two prenatal (or regular) massages in separate private rooms for clients at the same time.

For a lot of clients, this is their first time having a massage of any kind, which is completely normal!  No prior experience is necessary to have a prenatal massage and it will benefit your body tremendously no matter what stage or shape you are in.


Q. How did your “Expectant Parents Package” come about?

A. The expectant parents package consists of a prenatal massage for the expectant mother and a therapeutic massage for their partner for $140 (a $20 savings).

The package came about after we realized two things.  First, we noticed that a lot of fathers or “fathers to be” were dropping of their partners for a massage but weren’t really being asked about their possible needs.

There is such a large focus on the women during pregnancy that we often forget about the men and how this time can be just as stressful time for them.  Second, this package allows the couples to step away from he busyness of life for a bit, reconnect with each other, and spend quality pre-baby time together.


Q. What are the benefits of an infant massage?

Judy Moon and AssociatesA. Gwyn: It sounds silly but infants get the same benefits from a massage as adults do.  It feels good, allows them to relax and de-stress, and is especially beneficially for babies with colic or gas issues.

The class, which is conducted at Mama’s Wellness Joint, also provides another great way for fathers to get involved and learn actionable techniques to help soothe their baby. The class is ideal for infants who have not yet began to crawl.  It goes without saying that once they start crawling, it’s hard to get them to stay still!


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