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SNAPSHOT: Lilac Blossom Photography is a Collingswood, New Jersey-based company that was founded by Tricia Burrough and specializes in newborn, children, family, and wedding photography.




Q. What makes you unique as a photographer?

A. What makes me different from other photographers in the area is that I have started to incorporate and film video in my photography sessions. I have a camera that allows me to seamlessly switch from taking still shots to taking video of my clients. They usually don’t even realize it and I am able to capture really great candid moments for families.

This means that I can capture a lot of real-time moments that add a special touch to the session. This is particularly true for toddlers who are growing so rapidly that you are able to capture a lot of precious moments that parents really love to remember as they grow older.

I recently received the following testimonial from a client after her newborn session,

“Hi Tricia – The video was beautiful. It brought me to tears. I can’t believe how big he has already gotten in just a few weeks. He is 10 pounds and no longer looks like a newborn. I’m so glad we did this photo session…Thank you for capturing this special time for us. I can’t believe it’s already over.” – Debbie C.

Click the following links to view more of Tricia’s videos:

Q. Can you tell us more about your Newborn and Children Photography?

A. Newborn:

20150118-IMG_7353-Edit    20140508-IMG_8857

Newborn photography usually takes 2-3 hours and can take place in my home studio or the client’s home. Having a session in the baby’s nursery is a great way to document all of the little details. A deposit holds your place generally around your due date and then the parents will contact me to schedule a specific date once the baby is born. I like to book newborn sessions about 3 months before the due date if possible. Ideally, families will call me in the 2nd or 3rd trimester so that I can guarantee my availability.


20141123-IMG_4204 20141129-IMG_4688 20150127-IMG_7755

Photography for children usually takes an hour. Similar to newborn pictures, these sessions can take place in my home studio that is tailored to small children or I can go to the client’s house. I often have the photography sessions for infants and toddlers in their nursery. This allows me to capture the babies in their natural environment while also taking pictures of some really amazing nurseries.

During the warmer months, I like to take pictures at the park, in the client’s backyard, or any type of habitat where children older than 2 or 3 years old can play and be themselves. Taking video for these types of sessions is especially fun as there is a lot of movement and most of the kids are too busy to realize that I am actually filming them. That allows me to easily capture candid moments that are very memorable.


Q. What tips or advice to have for parents who are taking videos or pictures of their children?

A. When taking pictures of your children or videos or your children, the most important thing is to just let the kids be in the moment and play. I know some parents stress out a lot about posing the kid this way or trying to correct or direct their movements. This is hard for me too! Instead, consider sitting back and capturing the moment. Your pictures will be more genuine and the subjects happier if you just let it happen. For parents who are using an iPhone or Android, turn OFF the flash. You may think you are enhancing the picture but the harsh flash usually puts too much unnatural light in the picture.

Many new parents buy a fancy DSLR camera when they have children but they don’t always take the time to learn how to really use the camera. You can get so much better shots when you take the camera off the “auto” settings! I always encourage anyone interested to spend a little bit of time to take either an online or in-person photography class to learn the basics. You won’t immediately become a professional photographer but you will be better able to capture those everyday moments with your family.


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