Memories of Growing Up
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With technology at our fingertips, we take so many photos and videos of our children. Wouldn’t it be nice to organize everything on one device?


Memories of Growing Up, a London-based company, is offering a giveaway of one of the company’s most popular items, a pre-loaded memory stick, “aimed at being a modern version of the old-fashioned scrapbook”.

Memories of Growing up stick

The 32G stick enables you to preserve your child’s precious milestone – photos, videos, artwork and even school reports! The stick comes preloaded with labeled folders, including some key milestones – so it’s really handy to help you organize your child’s ‘memories’.

The stick is a MadeForMums Awards silver winner…


…and has glowing customer reviews, including:


“I bought this as a gift for first time parents…I’m sure you’re thinking “hey they can buy a thumb drive anywhere”. But this one is thoughtful and intentionally just for baby. One designated spot to hold baby photos and videos. The new parents I gave it too said it was the best gift. They were so happy!”


Memories of Growing up stick

To enter the Memories of Growing Up giveaway, click HERE and COMMENT.

The giveaway will close on Saturday, June 10th at 11pm EST.


Memories of Growing Up was founded in 2013 by London mom of three, Camilla Warren, who is passionate about storing memories. For more keepsakes including Talltape, a portable height measuring chart, and beautiful handmade silver jewelry with memory capsules, visit



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