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SNAPSHOT: With 9 locations in the Philadelphia region, Bright Horizons is a leading provider of high-quality child care, early education, and other work/life solutions led by nurturing, passionate teachers who help children learn and thrive.

“Bright Horizons wants to provide an innovative, nurturing, and caring environment for children. Our focus is on developing the building blocks of education for children in our care. We want and seek to foster a lifelong love of learning so that when our infants reach school age, they are prepared for the next level.”


  • To nurture each child’s unique qualities and potential
  • Support families through strong partnerships
  • Collaborate with employers to build family-friendly workplaces
  • Create a work environment that encourages professionalism, growth, and diversity


  • Bright Horizons at Philadelphia is accredited by NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) and the other two area locations are on track for future accreditation.
  • All locations recognized as Eco Friendly by the national Eco Friendly Child Care program
  • Bright Horizons was named as one of FORTUNE magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” for the 15th time

LOCATIONS (Click to Visit Center Website):



  • Michelle Lennon, Regional Manager
  • Trudy Veon, Director, Bright Horizons at Center City
  • Lisa Cianfrani, Director, Bright Horizons at Philadelphia


Q. What makes Bright Horizons unique?

A. Bright Horizons manages more than 850 high-quality child care and early education centers in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, the Netherlands, and India. Having a global presence means that we have the resources, knowledge, and experience to provide the highest quality education to our staff. We offers a variety of training opportunities for staff members.

Bright Horizons University is an online community for our employees to participate in trainings on various topics which include child development, curriculum design and leadership skills. An online ECDA course is also offered to Bright Horizon employees who are interested in furthering their education and has graduated over 2,000 employees since its inception.

image 1Bright Horizons has also partnered with various online colleges to provide continuing education to our staff who are looking to further their education through Associates and Bachelor’s degree in Early Education. Our unique emphasis on education also inspires how we hire staff for our child care and early education centers.

While we look for the usual traits that all great child care providers have, we also seek to hire individuals that really want to make a career out of teaching. We find that this leads to better quality, higher satisfaction, and longevity among the staff, which ultimately results in superior, consistent care where children thrive.

Q. Can you tell us more about your infant program?

A. We take infants as young as 6 weeks and largely customize the day around the infant’s schedule. When parents first enroll their infants, we do an intake session where the center’s staff and directors learn about the infant’s schedule and needs as well as communication preferences for the parents.

image 2For example, we ask parents if they want to know their child’s “firsts” (e.g., first roll, crawl, etc) or if they want to discover that themselves. Lastly, we have an open door policy so parents who live or work near our centers are more than welcome to stop by during the day to breastfeed or visit their babies during a lunch break.

As for learning and development, Bright Horizons has a World at Their Fingertips curriculum with several components that encourages infants to become “confident, successful, lifelong learners”:

  • Language Works: Encouraging the development of language skills in babies
  • Math Counts: Nurturing an infant’s awareness of early math concepts
  • Science Rocks: Promoting a baby’s spirit of inquiry and curiosity
  • ArtSmart: Fostering creativity and developing an appreciation of the arts
  • Our World: Encouraging exploration of the world and awareness of self and others
  • Well Aware: Building a foundation for lifelong healthy habits, good nutrition, and fitness

Click here more information on the curriculum.

Q. What advice do you have for new moms who are thinking of enrolling their babies?

A. We highly recommend that all of our new moms spend time here at the center to help integrate with the center and ease the transition from maternity leave.

image 3During the visits, parents can observe the staff, ask questions, and get an idea of how things work. Some mothers will stop by every day for a couple of weeks to help with the transition while others just spend a day or so here. Either way, our caregivers are in a partnership with you and your family so it is important that we work together and forge a relationship where the parents feel comfortable.

We also recommend that expectant moms come in to visit after their child is born. There is usually so much going on when the mom is pregnant and they often have new questions or concerns once the baby is born. Our job is to put families at ease so we definitely encourage new mothers to stop in with their newborns for a second or third visit.