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SNAPSHOT: Founded by Emily Angehr and Denise Riley, June Day Photography specializes in maternity, newborn, and family photography in Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey regions.

“I want my pictures to be full of happy memories that families can look back at and cherish in 5, 10, or 20 years”



LOCATIONS: Philadelphia, South Jersey, and surrounding areas. Please contact to inquire about your specific city and county.


  • Maternity
  • Newborn
  • Children
  • Families






Q. Tell us about yourself and what inspired you to become a photographer

A. I’m a mom of four who has spent the last 12 years primarily as a stay-at-home mom.  What I’ve discovered after emerging from that is that there are so many sweetly amazing moments to capture during a family’s growth, and that the moments I love best were not the ones when everyone was dressed in matching clothes and smiling cheesy grins at the camera at the same time.  Before kids, I earned a Masters of Education (with a smattering of Studio Art and Art History Courses), which shaped my journey as a photographer, blending a love of children, art, and preserving culture and history.


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Q. What should readers know about your photography style?

A. My sessions are more documentary in nature and less posed.  If you really need that Holiday Card pose, I will absolutely make it happen for you, but after that, I will follow you along as you do things your family loves to do together.  I love looking for and capturing the unique personalities and relationships that are organically there.

I feel like documentary sessions are so much more fun for your family than the smile-and-pose, because your only job is to stop stressing about whether it will turn out well – it will!  Because I strongly believe that every family is beautiful when they stop trying to be!


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Q. What do you like most about Maternity and Newborn sessions?

A. Maternity and Newborn sessions are some of my favorites.  It is absolutely impossible to hold your newborn and not look at them with authentically beautiful expressions – whether genuine concern as your baby is crying, or absolute wonder that this little one is finally here and yours.

Brand new parents have this magical face of being in love for the first time, and it is such an honor for me to be present for that, and to get to capture that and give it back to you – so that even when you are in the middle of sleep deprivation and stress later on, you can look back and remember how incredible it is that you’ve been gifted this little one.


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Q. What advice do you have for new or expectant moms to best prepare for a photography session with you? Any tips or advice?

A. Trust me when I tell you that your family is authentically lovely just the way they are!  The Pinterest life is not the life that most of us are living – and that’s OK – embracing the mess, embracing the struggles, letting go of feeling like everything has to be “perfect” – because truly, it doesn’t have to be.

Stressing your kids out by demanding that they act a certain way, or wear something that isn’t comfortable to them is really only going to get everyone in a grumpy mood. Although I am absolutely happy to capture grumpy toddler face (because grumpy toddler can actually be a super awesome photograph), your own stress will read on your face, and it’s just not necessary!

I personally hate to have my photo taken, but have come to be passionate about the importance of trusting a photographer who has a vision for helping people see that the family they have is super beautiful.




June Day Photography customer testimonial:

“When Emily came to my house to take photos, I felt nervous about the prospect of seeing my home and the perpetual kid mess in every picture. I was experiencing the usual postpartum self consciousness and wanted to shy away from getting in the pictures. Emily, like all moms, knows that there are simply not enough photos of mothers with their children.

As we moved from room to room, my insecurities diminished and we fell into the ease of our routine, My older kids drew and rough housed, my husband was in and out of the house doing various tasks, and the baby cried, coo’d, nursed, etc.

The result of the photo shoot was and still is the most special set of pictures I own. I keep the pictures in my messy kitchen, where I look at them whenever I get a rare, quiet moment.”