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Nutritiously Yours

SNAPSHOT: Nutritiously Yours dietitians specialize in family nutrition and planning fun, easy, and nutritious meals at any stage of life, from pregnancy and postpartum to infancy and adulthood.

“Nutrition is important at any stage in life. We want to break down the barriers and help you love food and enjoy it in a way that allows you to be your healthiest you!”



CONTACT: 267-538-4390

LOCATION: 2133 Arch St. Philadelphia PA 19103


  • Pregnancy Nutrition
  • Healthy Meals for Busy Professionals
  • Healthy Meals on a Budget
  • Diabetes Education
  • Help with Picky Eaters


  • Most insurance plans include a benefit that allows you 6 free dietitian visits in a calendar year. These may also be referred to as nutritional counseling sessions, depending on your plan.


Pregnancy Nutrition By Trimester

Nutritiously Yours Philly Baby Bump

While pregnancy is almost always synonymous with unrelenting cravings for ice cream or pizza, pregnancy can also be a wonderful time to focus on gaining or re-establishing healthy eating habits. No matter your age, size, or past relationship with food, pregnancy is a catalyst to becoming a healthier person so embrace this moment.

Each trimester will bring a different change to your body so keep the following nutrition tips and advice in mind as your pregnancy progresses.

First Trimester

Congratulations on your pregnancy! The first trimester is when a lot of fetal development occurs so…

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