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Philadelphia Prenatal Yoga and Fitness Classes in Delaware County



The following is a list of Greater Philadelphia prenatal yoga and fitness classes in Delaware County, Pennsylvania:



“Pilates Reformer Classes For Pregnant & Postpartum Moms: If you are pregnant or newly postpartum, you should not participate in regular classic pilates reformer classes. Belly Pilates Reformer Classes are unique. We have the only pilates reformer class in the tri-state area specifically designed to address the needs of the prenatal and postpartum mother.



“Take some time to quiet down and connect with yourself and your baby. Come to this class for some stretching, strengthening, and relaxation. Learn some wonderful breathing and meditation techniques that will help you during your pregnancy and birthing experience. All levels welcome. 6-8 week course”



“A 75 minute class suitable for those who are experienced or new to yoga and at any stage of pregnancy. Our prenatal yoga classes aim to contribute to a more comfortable pregnancy and to prepare the body for birth and motherhood. Yoga is a great way to practice listening to intuition, using breath to bring steadiness, and learning about yourself. We will explore all of those things, but of course the best part of prenatal yoga is being able to spend time with other mamas, sharing resources, and lending support.”


“Baby Wearing BootCamp for new MOMS or DADS that designed for parents of all levels ready to work out with their children in tow (aged 6 weeks+). It’s a “mommy/daddy and me” style class where we will utilize our own body and our baby’s weight to strengthen our muscles and get our heart rates up for a fun-filled interval class. We will utilize the TRX Suspension system and other equipment tools inside the FOCUS Training Studio to strength our bodies, increase stamina, all  the while bonding with our babies and making new friends.”



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