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Philly Baby Bump Guest Post by Dana Careless


Hi there, readers.  We need to talk about a very serious issue: The Triple P.  What is the Triple P you ask?  No, not poop, pee, and paper (though that was both an appropriate and great guess). The Triple P refers to…


Pregnancy, Public Transportation, and Philadelphia.

I bet some of you are sitting on your commute reading this right now. You may not know this, but there are specific stages of riding public transportation while pregnant in Philadelphia. They may vary a bit by mode of transportation or time of day even, but by and large I found the following phases of the Triple P to be true:


This is Stage 1. When you are standing on the subway or train platform or waiting at the bus station, you will encounter one of three types of people:

⇒ Those who look at you like you have some sort of annoying disease and act irritated just by being in your presence

⇒ Those who smile gently at you, desperate to make small talk about your belly, but are unsure of how to approach you

⇒ Those who are oblivious to you and almost cause you to go into early labor with their frantic sprinting to be first in line, nearly shoving you off the track in order to make it happen.

The boarding process is a unique one and you must be prepared to encounter any of the three people I listed above.  Stand strong and waddle proudly.


Once on the train/bus/subway, people will stand for you and offer you their seat, but only under very strict circumstances:

⇒ They know you personally (although even this can be a gamble)

⇒ They are female

⇒ They are a rare and dying breed of gentleman

⇒ They are an individual you have made so uncomfortable with your laser eyes that they are left with no other option but to stand and offer you their seat.

Either way, having a seat offered to you is like pulling teeth, especially during rush hour.  But when that kind soul offers you his or her seat, there is nothing better and you will feel grateful beyond measure.

And let me tell you that I now seek out both pregnant women and parents with young children so that I can offer them my seat.  Some call me creepy, I call me traumatized and trying to prevent others from the same hell I experienced day in and day out riding public transportation while pregnant in Philadelphia.


This is the final stage of the Triple P.  If you are lucky enough to have a choice, the best seat on the regional SEPTA train is behind the door.  Here you will find the prized two-seater where you can stretch your legs, stare everyone down, fall asleep, drool on yourself, eat without bothering anyone, or simply stare into space.

I used to sprint waddle my little heart out to try and get that seat.  Do it and never look back.  On the bus and subway, you’re going to want to look for the seats that face into the aisle. Great people watching and much more leg room. Own it.


So what is the best way to deal with Pregnancy, Public Transportation, and Philadelphia? Stay calm, protect your belly, and do what you need to get a seat.  Use that belly to your advantage. Your swollen feet, tired brain, and achy joints will thank you.

And then one day, exercise the 4th P and PASS IT ON!



About Philly Baby Bump Guest Contributor Dana Careless

Dana CarelessBio: Dana Careless is a wife, mother, sibling, friend and professional. A Licensed Professional Counselor, Dana brings a unique perspective to the blogging world, particularly as it relates to motherhood and emotional wellness.

She loves to laugh and can be found blogging about the good, bad and hilarious of being a new parent. She is thrilled to join the Philly Baby Bump Community!

Dana’s Blog: Come On, Mama!

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