Real Mom Moment Dancing While Baking
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After my first “Real Mom Moment” post  or (shall I say rant) on mom guilt, I felt it was only fair to write about my wonderful morning with my daughter.

I had plans to go outside but the weather was rainy and cold so I decided spur of the moment to bake. Now, let me be very clear. I love desserts and baked goods but I am a terrible baker. I’m actually a fake baker.

Even though I have all the tools, all the spices, and most, if not all of the key ingredients used in baking recipes, the outcome is always disappointing. At times, it’s borderline inedible. I follow the recipes but I just don’t have that magical touch.

But does having no talent get in my way? Absolutely not. So baking it is.

I decided to make gluten-free coconut flour blueberry muffins. Yes, I was aiming for healthy but I really just wanted to use the crazy expensive coconut flour I had bought a few weeks ago. I found this recipe and it was game time.

The problem is my daughter loves to watch me cook but I need both hands to do so. She also refuses to sit down in her chair or stand and watch. Which doesn’t leave me a lot of options aside from the Ergo Baby. Fortunately, she can still reasonably fit into the Ergo, especially if I put her in a slightly sideways position, which allows her to see better.

So now I have my tools and ingredients all lined up and K is happily situated, but something is missing. MUSIC. What should I play?

Pop? Nope. I don’t know who any of these kids are.

R&B? Not today.

Hip Hop? Definitely not with this baby on me.

Classical? I’m not feeling fancy enough.

Country? Mmm no thanks. Maybe in the summer.

Christian? Maybe tomorrow…sorry Jesus.

And then it hits me. I’m going with one genre of music that never lets me down when I need a pick me up. Soca.

I won’t get into to much of what that is (because Google) but I used to live in the Caribbean years ago and it was a very happy and at times ratchet time for me. In other words, perfection when you are a young, kid-free adult. Soca music reminds me of that time.

So I pulled up the Soca king himself, Machel Montano, found this song, turned up the volume, and WENT TO TOWN!

The song is not for everyone but it gave me all the energy I needed. I was dancing/singing while trying to measure and mix the ingredients and K was laughing and smiling. I loved every second of watching my daughters face light up while we were being silly together. In that moment, being a mother was easily the best thing in the world. We had SO MUCH fun I could have cried.

The muffins of course came out terrible but I didn’t care. I already had my win for the day!




Until next time..





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