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Instead of internalizing some of the frustrations about being a mom or discounting my feelings, I will be sharing my stories as an open diary of sorts under “Real Mom Moments”.


Mom Guilt is Real.

My daughter woke up no less than 3 times last night. She is teething right now but honestly, every month brings about a new issue or challenge that won’t give me a chance to just breathe. It feels like a never ending roller coaster of developmental, emotional, and physical changes.

I feel guilty when the days are hard and I start feeling less than enthusiastic about motherhood. On the worst days, I don’t hate being a mom but I strongly dislike it at certain periods. It’s a horrible thing to say and yet I know I can’t be the only one that has these moments. And then the guilt consumes me. I start saying, “Why are you complaining Victoria when are fortunate enough to be with your child all day? Don’t you realize other people have it so much worse? You only have one kid and you think this is hard?! WTF is wrong with you??”.

The craziest part is that I am a super optimistic and positive person, to that point that my husband thinks it’s annoying. So struggling to find positive moments during the more difficult days makes me feel even worse.

Do dads ever think like this?

I guess I feel like I was 75% prepared for motherhood on paper and about 150% unprepared in real life. I vaguely remember friends trying to tell me it was hard but I naively didn’t think that would happen to me

Why would it? I read all the right books, attended all the right classes, had been around babies/kids all my life, and yet…here I am with no words of advice or thoughtful ending to this rant. This day just needs to be over, even though it is not even noon :-(

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