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SNAPSHOT:  Still Water Therapies is a Fairmont Avenue-based business specializing in a range of body therapies including acupuncture and prenatal/postpartum massage.




Still Water Therapies

Q. Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

A. I have been a massage therapist for 10 years and am state licensed and nationally certified. I began my career helping athletes and clients with chronic pain. I soon realized that pregnant women deal with a lot of the same issues such as chronic lower and upper back pain. So I began looking into training to help women with the challenges of pregnancy and post-birth recovery.


Q. When should expecting mothers come to you?

A. Typically, women who are pregnant see me in their second or third trimester when they are experiencing chronic neck, back or hip pain.

Expecting mother should also consider seeing me for relief from sinus problems, nausea, fatigue and/or stress related issues. Prenatal clients that see me usually see me once a month up until their due date.


Q. What is involved in the prenatal massage?

A. Each prenatal massage differs depending on the needs of the expecting mother. Our prenatal massages typically last an hour and I usually start by having the client face down.

I use a maternity bolster system that allows the expecting mother to lie face down and the baby bump to fit in the valley of the bolster. This design gives much needed relief to pregnant woman.  I have been using it with my clients for about 6-7 years because it allows me to really focus on the back.

During the massage itself, I tend to focus on the back, hips, and glutes while lighter pressure is used on the legs.  We have 30 or 60 minute massage available.

From the website, “This maternity massage focuses on the unique and specific needs of each mother-to-be and her baby. Some benefits include- mental and physical stress relief, improved postural balance, stimulation of glandular secretions to stabilize hormonal balance, increase lymph and blood circulation which helps eliminates waste and brings oxygen and nutrients to your baby.”


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