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A month before my daughter was born, I wrote a blog about the secret of surviving two.  I didn’t know what it was like to have two children yet, but I wrote that loving them would be enough to survive.  At the time, I didn’t fully believe that.  It sounded really nice and it helped me not get overwhelmed by all my fears and anxious thoughts.  However, I didn’t believe my own words that love would be enough.

I was wrong.

Love has been more than enough.

The first few months of a mom of two were a blur.  Only days after my daughter was born I caught a terrible respiratory infection mixed with asthma/allergies that had me up at night even when my daughter was sleeping.  A week later, I noticed red bumps all over my son’s hands and mouth.  Then, they slowly began appearing all over his legs and feet.

He had caught Hand Foot Mouth Disease, an EXTREMELY contagious illness that is very painful and if contracted, could put a newborn in the hospital.  Given the circumstances, I had nothing to give my children, but love.  I was not only worn down from being sick, having a sick child, and praying the baby somehow would stay healthy, but also from just delivering a HUMAN out of my body.

Like, an actual person traveled her way out of me and I was some how keeping her alive via my boobs in between blowing my nose and coughing on her during diaper changes.  These babies didn’t care if I was keeping the house clean, cooking organic meals, or playing classical music to stimulate their minds, they just needed my love.  It was enough.

Fast forward five months later.  We all survived some sicknesses, figuring out how to put two kids to bed, helping a toddler go potty while nursing an infant, and completely cutting dairy out of my diet due to a little lady’s milk protein allergy.  [I think the hardest part of having two kids is not getting to eat pizza when I’m stressed out…]

Tonight, like most nights when my hubby works late, my little man helped me put the baby to bed.  The three of us cuddled together while failing to take a nice “bedtime photo” to send to Dad.


As my son watched a tv show, I laid the baby in the crib then cleaned up the disaster that was my home.  After, I checked the monitor and the baby was sound asleep.  I cuddle up next to my little guy and watched the last few minutes of the “drash druck show” with him.  He turns to me and with a huge smile on his face says, “I really like this show, Mama!”  My babies were both content.  I am content.  [Hopefully, the hubby is somewhat content at work]

I realized I’m doing it.  I’m a mom of two and I am actually surviving.  It’s not been easy at all; it’s been really hard. [Especially since the only way my daughter doesn’t cry in the car is if we listen to Adele’s “Water Under the Bridge” on repeat]  However, we’re not just surviving, we are thriving.  Not because I’m really good at parenting or because I’ve mastered the balance of housework, kids, finances, romance, etc., but the reason is the unconditional love we share with one another.

It’s been hard for me to accept that the most important thing my children need is me, especially when the sink is full of dishes, mismatched baby socks are strewn across the living room floor, and a naked toddler is dumping 137 lego pieces onto the floor.   However, I’m slowly learning that most days, if not all days, love is all I will have to offer them.  And love will be enough.

About Philly Baby Bump Guest Contributor Julianne Thomas

View More: Julianne was hired as a professional stay at home mom on April 15, 2014. She is a Philly native, but now resides in the suburbs with her husband and two children.

She considers a successful day one where she gets to brush her teeth and take a shower. Her life has been turned upside down since her son’s arrival, but [most days] she wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!

Julianne’s Blog: Who’s Raising Whom?

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